The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

Recently i read this interestingly titled book "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck". Obviously i expected a lot of fuck which it had. This post is my review of the book.

The book obviously starts with lot of Fuck , the F word grows in the middle but surprisingly doesn't end with the fuck.

I must say that it starts well, the story in the beginning is very catchy and then it moves on and i like the pace of explanation.

Everything is fucking fine , then comes the introduction of Japanese Onoda which is a story to know but after this story , it looks like the paragraphs are repeating and now the Author doesn't have much to say, he has said what he wants to say, book looks unnecessary length now

Later there are more stories , good but not like the starting two .

I am also not sure about the analysis given for a story related to child abuse where it is explained as a manifestation of mind which i personally do not agree.

Overall the story moves from dont care about anything to you should care about somethings to spirituality and death.

So i will still suggest a read but if you leave the book after 30 pages , it is still fine.

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